With ABCM™, international payments become local transactions

With ABCM™, international payments become local transactions

The process of making international payments is complicated and costly. The more remote the transaction, the higher the fee that you pay, and of course, the cost multiplies exponentially with scale, from simple personal transactions to payroll and other mass payments. It’s time to eliminate operational costs and complexities with one single solution.

Cross-border transactions are obstacles that slow you down. Regulatory roadblocks make it impossible to open local accounts everywhere you operate, and frustration mounts when your bank and payment processors present you with unfair exchange rates and unpredictable delivery times. Additionally, understanding different regulations of different countries requires significant time and effort. Automated Business Currency Management removes physical borders by providing simple local payment options anywhere you do business.

ABCM™ — Making International Payment as if They Were Local

Automated Business Cur­rency Management enables you to expedite your international payments and slash fees as if they were made locally. It bypasses international payment processes by allowing you to send and receive payments locally, regardless of the locale.

ABCM™ offers several distinct advantages that streamline the cross-border payment process:

· Make every payment local - Send and receive international payments efficiently in your local currency

· Enjoy free transfers - Avoid bank and payment processor transaction fees

· Bank locally - Open local accounts overseas quickly – free of red tape – wherever you do business

· No middleman - Transfer directly to a recipient's account without using a go-between or correspondent bank


Enjoying the flexibility of local payments for international transfers requires opening accounts across the world. Automated Business Currency Management is the game-changer, offering you a gateway to transparent global transactions that support 100+ currencies, direct e-wallet and bank payments with delivery status notifications. Make payment processes easier by choosing your preferred payment method from the comfort of your own location.