Stay competitive with ABCM™ payment solutions

Stay competitive with ABCM™ payment solutions

In a fluctuating market, uncertainty in business can have costly repercussions with a long, agonizing recovery. How a business manages ingoing and outgoing international payments can not only cut out unnecessary cash loss for the company but can also keep employees and customers alike at ease knowing paychecks and transactions are being expertly handled. Investing in a competitive payment solution not only improves your financial health and accuracy, but it builds trust among your employees and customers as well.

So many nuanced steps are required for success extending well beyond simply monitoring exchange rates, finding the right suite of business solutions can cut through the fog of uncertainty and keep a business operating on its widest margins possible. With the ABCM platform, keeping a handle on your business payments doesn’t need to be a hassle.

Stay connected and collaborate with your employees, finance people and trade partners over one payment ecosystem. Simplify complexity, plan, analyze and execute all your multi-currency payment transactions with a single click.

Here are 3 reasons to consider okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management platform to manage your payments:

1. Manage international payroll

Your business operates on the global stage—deeply integrated in a complex international market with many moving parts, it can be daunting to execute the massive undertaking of a multi-national payroll. With okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management platform, the size of your company doesn’t matter—whether you operate as a solo entrepreneur or as a large enterprise, ABCM™ has a comprehensive suite of business solutions catered to your next steps for expansion.

With the ability to send and receive payments in 100+ currencies worldwide through one easy to use module, ABCM™ offers business owners the opportunity to automate currency management and schedule incoming and outgoing payments; overcoming international regulatory obstacles in paying employees in different locales is simplified and demystified through okoora. With our centralized money workflow platform and intuitive interface, entrepreneurs can streamline their business’ payroll with just one simple click. You are assured of accurate and timely payments to all your staff members no matter where they are on the globe.

2. Organize mass payouts and payment requests

Keeping track of exchange rates for a world-wide payroll is only part of the whole picture of running an international business; when it comes time to pay your suppliers, you want to know you’re paying a fair price at the best market rates to ensure you’re optimizing profit while you build long-term business. With suppliers in various countries all over the world, cutting individual checks with various exchange rates can be a complicated mess—not to mention employing different payment methods to see your transaction through.

Centralize your cashflow with okoora’s bulk payout system, which you can automate in advance for timely, accurate payouts. With control over payment terms and timing, your business can tidy up inefficiencies while still enjoying the benefits of leveraging local transfers at the market’s most competitive rates. Plus, with ABCM™’s centralized view of incoming transfers and outgoing invoices, business owners can easily request and receive payments from international partners while simplifying regulatory red tape for their customers. Whether you choose to open an account in the locale of your choice or request a payment from your clients, ABCM™ has you covered.

3. Lock currency rates and pay later

It can be frustrating to monitor the international market only to miss the ideal moment for a transfer. With ABCM™, you can make the most out of your profits by capitalizing on the most favorable currency rates in real time, for immediately pending transactions and for the best rates for future investments. Best of all, you can schedule payments for the best predicted market rates using okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management platform.

With the ability to push a deal through at the most advantageous moment for the business, you can stride forward decisively onto the global stage. Play the financial long game: sync incoming and outgoing payments so that customers and suppliers are impressed with your accuracy while employees are appreciative of your reliability.

Competitive Payment Solutions

ABCM™ enables you to send and receive payments from anywhere in the globe in 100+ currencies, analyze market trends, risks, and opportunities, and connect to your ongoing business operations and partners with full transparency. No matter how big or small your business is you can certainly find the full range of features offered on ABCM™’s platform extremely valuable.