Speed matters: send & receive payments with okoora ABCM™

Speed matters: send & receive payments with okoora ABCM™

In today’s global marketplace, speed matters. We don’t want to wait for a reply to an email, text, or social media post , and expect a response in minutes—or seconds. It even happens when we order a physical item from an eCommerce site, we want same-day delivery when it’s possible, because getting the item delivered to our door the following day is too long to wait.

The need for speed has even made its way into our business and financial transactions. Today, a lot of businesses, especially exporters and importers, who send and receive overseas payments on a daily basis, have high expectations for fast transactions and service.

Paying and Receiving Bills Faster

Of course, successful payment processing involves more than just speed. The process itself must be easy to accomplish, convenient, and accurate. It should also be automated. Many businesses don’t want to reach their bank, or even pick up the phone. They want to send and receive payments in one click.

Payment processors must be able to offer up-to-date secure technology, easy-to-use interface, flexibility, and lower fees. Exporters and importers should be able to process overseas payments for and from their global partners That means offering currency flexibility along with speed, security, and an exceptional customer experience.

We've got the solution

If you’re doing business overseas, dealing directly with various banks is a frequent hassle. Sending and receiving payments can become overwhelming and expensive due to rules, processes and fees that vary by bank and money transfer provider.

Okoora ABCM™ has the ability to send and receive payments in 100+ currencies worldwide through one easy to use module, that offers business owners the opportunity to automate currency management and schedule incoming and outgoing payments and overcoming international regulatory obstacles in paying employees in different locales.

In addition, okoora ABCM streamline payment processors in several ways:

Fewer transaction fees - Eliminate unreasonable international transactions costs associated with managing multiple accounts.

Quick transactions - Execute your transactions in a few minutes thanks to automated procedures. The Automated Business Currency Management platform enables you to cut red tape, save time, and improve efficiency.

Round-the-clock banking services - Access all your accounts at any given time using cloud-based technology, from anywhere in the world.

Seamless account management – Connect all your business platforms to facilitate seamless operation. By connecting all your accounts and platforms, you can circumvent unnecessary long processes.


Okoora ABCM™ enables you to send and receive payments from anywhere in the globe in 100+ currencies, analyze market trends, risks, and opportunities, and connect to your ongoing business operations and partners with full transparency. No matter how big or small your business is you can certainly find the full range of features offered on the ABCM™ platform extremely valuable.

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