Pay your global teams everywhere with okoora ABCM™

Pay your global teams everywhere with okoora ABCM™

With okoora ABCM you can pay your global teams everywhere in their local currencies through one intuitive module. Our flexible automated payout features enable the organization of payments into groups of your choice with preset terms that you control.

Okoora ABCM enables you to save time, expense, and effort by centralizing multiple individual payments into simple bulks.

Enjoy the markets most competitive rates and minimize your fees by leveraging local transfers. In addition, okoora ABCM overcomes the regulatory and operational obstacles you face in paying salaries in different locales.

Sidestep the hassle of filling out multiple forms in multiple formats and bypass the unexpected fees you are bound to encounter through standard banking channels. Prevent mistakes and delays in issuing salaries and keep your global workers happy by ensuring that their paychecks are precise and timely.

Who is payroll suitable for?

Any business that pays salaries to local and global employees.

How does it work?

  1. Upload beneficiaries
  2. Upload salaries
  3. Send multi payments
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