Meet okoora — creator of the first game-changing fintech platform

Meet okoora — creator of the first game-changing fintech platform

Waiting for the day to find that perfect solution to run all your business’s currency transactions? You don’t have to. If you’re looking to improve efficiency in your business, okoora’s AI-powered, cloud-based platform is here to help you manage the entire currency lifecycle. Control your foreign currency cash flow, send & receive payments the hassle-free way, and create informed hedging strategies on-the-fly. Let us take a look at okoora’s transformative Automated Business Currency Management platform solutions.

With the rise of instant cross-border payment and bank fees, businesses – even the most accomplished among them, are finding it increasingly difficult to stay current on multi-currency operations. If we add shifting economic trends; complex trade agreements; and volatile markets to the picture, you will surely agree that a proper solution remains sorely missing from next-generation financial services and culture.

Okoora rose up to the challenge of addressing that dire need for a new currency management model and created a new platform and category to help all types of businesses to derive greater value from their transaction operations with less effort, time, and money. You can now intuitively plan, manage, and execute multiple currency transactions.

Creators of Automated Business Currency Management - ABCM™

All our endeavors are driven by a single guiding principle - to simplify currency management. By creating the SaaS-based platform for managing the entire lifecycle of your currency needs, we aim to help you set achievable goals and realize them with a few confident clicks. Automated Business Currency Management platform integrates cross-border payments, one-click exchange rate protection, and game-changing banking solutions with flat fees.

From sending and receiving payments in 100+ currencies; opening accounts; locking exchange rates; to initiating AI-powered risk management strategies — ABCM™ is the only platform the offers end-to-end workflows for all your currency needs. In creating the Automated Business Currency Management platform, okoora has addressed the most urgent need of the fintech industry.

ABCM™ - from complicated to simple

ABCM™ successfully solves the problem associated with inadequate currency management. It is the only financial infrastructure platform that keeps you current and up to date with the status of your multi-currency transactions 24/7. Start making informed decisions on how to manage currency risks, cashflows, and set achievable goals and realize them with a few confident clicks.

ABCM™ - plan, execute and manage cross-border currency transactions

By granting access to the world’s top-tier trade rooms and freedom from your local bank, ABCM™ has laid the groundwork for you. It’s time to see currency trends as they unfold and make smarter decisions that suit your strategic needs.

Ø Send and receive local and global payments

Ø Open fee-less accounts in 100+ currencies

Ø Create accounts in every global locale where you do business

Ø Take complete command of your cashflow

Ø Create informed, real-time currency risk management strategies

Ø Reduce your businesses’ exposure to fluctuating exchange rates

Okoora is here to reshape the fintech landscape and offer you a global doorway to transform how you plan, manage, and execute your global financial transactions. Whatever type or size of business you are, you can now use okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management platform to execute faster and easier digital transactions, customize risk management strategies, lock rates & pay later, grow beyond the limits of your local bank, and much more. Okoora may not be a new player in the fintech industry, but it’s definitely a game changer.