Keep alert with ABCM™ risk alerts

Keep alert with ABCM™ risk alerts

As a business owner, you are preoccupied with a million activities. The bigger the business, the bigger the challenge of managing multiple currencies in different accounts and keeping up with multiple alerts, that are difficult to monitor.

Timing is everything. If your business depends on timely alerts to keep you on track, you can have multiple alerts competing for your attention. Keeping up and managing different reminders and alerts can often be quite challenging, and you may find yourself missing vital market-related alerts, causing you to make uninformed and costly business decisions.

Are you burdened by the ongoing challenge of currency management, and unable to take immediate proactive measures? Here are 4 Reasons to rely upon ABCM™ Risk Alerts:

  1. Market-savvy – Never be taken by surprise and make well-informed decisions
  2. Risk-aware – Take immediate protective actions when necessary
  3. Real-time - Stay on-top of managing multiple accounts and transactions
  4. Currency lifecycle-ready - Anything transaction-related generates timely alerts at all stages

The Automated Business Currency Management platform integrates your various alerts from all sources — currency market, transaction lifecycle, and risk assessment – into one streamlined system. This means you don’t have to depend on speculations and instincts in order to take necessary actions.

With ABCM™ you can streamline all your tasks using interoperable technology. By connecting all your accounts, you can receive all your alerts and reminders in one place, rather than in different systems, making time-dependent actions easier.

Additional Beneficial Features of ABCM™

Multi-Channel Delivery
ABCM™ infrastructure keeps you notified with instant risk alerts via different delivery channels. You can generate and customize multichannel notification for optimal delivery and response based on your specifications. ABCM™ enables risk alert notifications through the platform, via email or text.

Synchronization With Real-Time Data and Ongoing Transactions
Automated Business Currency Management syncs the market, with your transactions and cashflow, enabling you take timely and effective decisions.

Flexible Customization

Set and manage alerts according to your preferences.

Alerts Simplified

Automated Business Currency Management multi-channel delivery gives you access to all alerts through the platform, as well as email or text. Inherently efficient and market-savvy, ABCM™ links to real-time market data to help you keep aware of the conditions impacting your cashflow and ongoing transactions, ABCM™ synchronizes alerts from different sources into a single streamlined system, helping you stay on the track with currency management.

Stay informed about what's going on in the global markets with timely alerts and AI-driven insights, so you can make informed and confident decisions in real time.