Expand your global banking footprint—without the fees

Expand your global banking footprint—without the fees

Whether your business runs internationally or you’re just considering going global, I’m sure you’d agree that banking procedures are often difficult to predict, frustrating, and involve paying one unexpected fee after the other. To that end, wouldn’t you be interested in the opportunity of simplifying your operations, enjoying faster response times, and fee-less transactions?

Why suffer through international transfers when you have the opportunity to democratize global banking while eliminating fees, and the struggle of overcoming regulatory barriers to progress? With okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management platform (ABCM™), you can transform the headache of managing international compliance fees into one universally accepted procedure for new accounts initiated worldwide. Additionally, directly through our ABCM™ platform you can open local accounts anywhere you do business, use one wallet for all currencies, and be up and running in a few hours, not months.

Say goodbye to the complexities of opening and maintaining multi-currency bank accounts. Okoora’s ABCM™ throws the door wide open to global banking, eliminates all the red tape and international transaction fees, and eases compliance with country-specific regulatory codes. With ABCM™ you do not need to travel around the world to manage your business transactions, you can do so from the comfort of your own home. If you’re considering ABCM™ for your multi-currency business, this might just convince you.

1. Multi-currency magic

With 100+ currencies supported through ABCM™’s e-wallet, business owners can simplify international transactions while utilizing multi-currency assets to their optimal potential. Without having to open numerous bank accounts in various locations, companies can now manage incoming and outgoing cashflow either independently or in a unified view.

E-wallet can manage scores of international currencies for numerous subsidiaries and activities. Save yourself the time, expense, and headache of managing multi-currency and international accounts through individual banking systems. Opening up one business bank account after another can now be the stuff of your past!

2. Truly fee-less

Eliminate all the annoying and unreasonable fees associated with making international transfers and maintaining multi-currency accounts.

3. Overseas accounts

Opening a host of international bank accounts can consume a great deal of time—one of an entrepreneur’s most valuable assets. Use ABCM™ to open an overseas account without stepping out of your office—in any currency, wherever you choose.

Forget losing response time for world-wide transfers and setting customers up for confusing payment conditions. Did we mention you can do all of this without the international fees?

4. Savings accounts

Put your cash in reserves to work and step out from under zero percent interest. ABCM™ platform offers you significant multi-currency short term deposits so profits can earn income until the moment you decide to use them. Why choose to let cash lay idle when it can earn passive income?

5. Grow your global banking presence

No more waiting for international banks to open for business — with ABCM™, you can open bank accounts across the globe and access them around the clock. Leverage the many opportunities that come with having an array of currencies at your disposal in a single borderless account. This means that business growth is accessible anywhere and anytime, even if you are a startup or a solo entrepreneur.


Where and how you handle money on the international stage is important to consider if your business is heading for growth. With a truly fee-free international banking setup, business owners can democratize global banking with world-wide accounts as if they were local — all manageable from a single, borderless account.

Best of all, with ABCM™’s centralized money workflow, you can schedule payments, incoming transfers, and hedging opportunities with precise timing and accuracy to ensure your business is flowing with the demands of the market. Global liquidity means a company is open for business anywhere, anytime. How can you grow your global banking presence today?