Automated currency management for everyone, everywhere

Automated currency management for everyone, everywhere

According to recent surveys, workers spend up to 20 hours per week on performing manual operations and tasks. As a result, the demand for automation tools is on the rise. Whereas there is an abundance of solutions that address a variety of core business operations, the area of financial infrastructure is underserved. In a competitive economy driven by cutting-edge technology, small and medium-sized businesses have no choice but to digitize payment processes in order to simplify workflows, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

Businesses are having an increasingly difficult time staying up-to-date with multi-currency operations, mostly because there are just far too many accounts to maintain and keep track of. Furthermore, with the rise in cross-border transactions, bank fees, and unfair exchange rates, even the most tech-savvy people are having a difficult time navigating the global currency markets. Okoora rose to the challenge by creating the first ERP-like platform for managing the currency lifecycle.

Automated Business Currency Management- simplifying currency

ABCM™ is a complete, cloud-based financial infrastructure for businesses of all types and sizes and at every stage of growth. With ABCM™ you can send and receive payments from anywhere in the world in 100+ currencies, analyze market opportunities, open multiple accounts in multiple currencies, and interact with your partners effectively and hassle-free.

ABCM™ is the only platform that offers end-to-end workflows for all your currency needs. Gone are the days of chasing after different banks for better exchange rates and reduced fees. All done with a single click.

1. Save money and time with global fee-less payments - ABCM allows you to speed up international payments and reduce fees as if they were made locally.

2. Stay competitive - With top-tier exchange rates and constant features and services updates, okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management enables you to compete on the global playing field.

3. Protect your business from exchange rate fluctuations -Minimize risks by locking exchange rates with AI-driven methodology, and execute one-click rate protection.

4. Grow beyond the limits of your local bank - Open local accounts anywhere, maintain one wallet for all currencies, and enjoy faster and smoother transactions.

Next-generation Currency Management

ABCM™ optimizes previously manual processes, improves financial operations, and allows accurate procedures and cheaper transactions. Automated Business Currency Management changes how you plan, organize, manage, and leverage your multi-currency operations for global growth.

Here’s more on how ABCM™ helps you boost business efficiency:

· Currency simplified

Make informed, confident decisions on how to manage currency risks, lock rates and pay later – without the need for a broker. Set achievable goals and realize them with a few confident clicks.

· Streamline financial processes

Enjoy end-to-end workflows, from issuing and receiving payments in 100+ currencies, to opening accounts, locking exchange rates, and initiating AI-powered hedging.

· See the unseen

Gain real-time insights and capture more financial data about how your business interacts with currency markets.

· Enterprise-grade solution for everyone

From small start-ups to large businesses, ABCM™ fits effortlessly with all your business management solutions from single-click functionality to API integration.


More than ever, financial technology is impacting businesses, and challenging them to keep pace and improve efficiency. The Automated Business Currency Management platform is a necessity for every business regardless of size and type. The first SaaS-based platform for managing the entire lifecycle of your currency needs, it integrates cross-border payments, one-click exchange rate protection, and game-changing banking solutions with flat fees. The ABCM™ platform is available 24/7, easy to navigate, and all of the information is laid out in a comprehensive manner. ABCM™ is the ERP of currency management — there is simply nothing else in the market as comprehensive or as intuitive as ABCM™