5 simple yet powerful tools for successful workflow management

5 simple yet powerful tools for successful workflow management

Once you’ve realized that your business could be running much more efficiently by using market insight software, you know there’s no going back. Identifying the need for a currency management program is an important first step; but with several options for currency management programs available today, why should you choose okoora’s Automated Business Currency Management platform?

Business of all types and sizes must constantly evolve to maintain a competitive edge and function as efficiently as possible. While investing in a currency management program does come at an expense, what it can save you in hidden transfer fees and inefficient money handling makes it a worthy investment.

With ABCM™’s comprehensive platform, business owners can reduce worker hours, and cross-platform errors, ensuring they reach peak efficiency, and with the ability to save on areas of increased cost, entrepreneurs can widen their profit margins. In this blog, we’ll explore a variety of different functions designed to help you create a streamlined process to handle all your currency transaction needs in one place. With it, you can make payments, manage multiple different currencies, conduct risk management, and have AI support to back you up. Let’s look at 5 different distinguished ways ABCM™ can help you put your business first.

  1. Cut operational costs

Companies operating on the global stage need a payroll system that accounts for exchange rates in international countries. In order to optimize a business’ growth, business owners must manage future cashflows based on current insight from the international market paired with accurate snapshots of the company’s financial health.

Whether you schedule a transaction between an individual or a group, ABCM™ helps business owners keep track of revenue and due payments so they can centralize their money workflow with a complete perspective on financial health. Unlike our competitors, ABCM™ provides entrepreneurs with a centralized money workflow so they can keep less cash on reserve and take bolder steps with their vision.

2. Create global collaboration

Companies growing on the international market need access to their projects and personnel around the clock. ABCM™ enables budget handlers the option to maintain full control through multi-signator administration with the ability to control each individual access and grant permission based on job functions. With the ability to collaborate with external auditors and business partners alike, ABCM™ offers business owners the opportunity to create a customized currency management workflow to maximize efficiency and forward progress; simplify the complexity of working at the international level by using workflows that cater to your needs and a platform that can connect you to those who can help you grow your business.

Every person in your organization can be made part of the transactional process. This system allows you to control individual access based on the job position and regulate proceedings with the use of multi-signature administrations.

Anyone from employees to business partners to external auditors can be involved. Every person has real-time access no matter where they are in the world. Diversified and specialist teams can be created to manage your currency.

3. Optimize potential and maximize efficiency

Finding the proper workflow for your business can mean more than increased efficiency. ABCM™ offers business owners the opportunity to shift their currency management paradigm, transforming their business from inconsistent and chaotic to planned and orderly.

With ABCM™, business owners can shift from decision making via an exhaustive number of manual inputs and calculations to AI-driven insight for an unbiased perspective. With the proper currency management platform, business owners can move from hedging bets on individual insights to crowdsourcing collective insight across the globe. This powerful perspective shift can make the difference between uncertain and confident company performance. By using sophisticated market risk analysis, you can minimize the effects of a volatile market and increase your cash flow.

4. Get a handle on currency risks

Volatile markets can influence the rate of your cash flow at any moment. ABCM™’s system uses risk management tools to analyze and predict the impact of the market on your portfolio. By using the data of thousands of companies, and applying it to your profile, the automated risk policy wizard gives you the best course of action. Through locking rates and hedging with speed and accuracy you can minimize your currency risks.

5. Keep track of all your payments

When you’re running a business, the last thing you have time for is coordinating payments and transactions across multiple platforms. With, ABCM™ you can send and receive payments from anywhere in the world in 100+ currencies, keep track of your payments by creating a payment schedule to ensure that your cash flow remains steady. ABCM™ allows you to view and keep track of your transactions in one place.

Put your business first

In a globally competitive market, there’s no reason to hinder yourself with lack of resources. Selecting ABCM™s platform to streamline your businesses’ procedures, helps you elevate your business to the next level.

ABCM™ offers business owners the opportunity to shift their currency management paradigm, transforming their business from inconsistent and chaotic to planned and orderly. With ABCM™, you can transform your perspective of your financial health from a patchwork view to a clear, bird’s eye view and cut the guesswork out of the next steps for growing your business. Make the commitment to put your business first.